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Discreet, Professional In-Home Palliative Care Services for People with Terminal & Advanced Illnesses 

PeterTynan2Dedicated Carers is a government approved provider with provider number 7028.

Since 2007, Dedicated Carers have been helping terminally ill people in Newcastle and the Lake Macquarie live out the rest of their life comfortably and with dignity using our in-home Palliative care services.

While this is an extremely emotionally draining and distressing time for everyone involved, death is a natural part of life. We are there to provide emotional support and assistance for the family members with a primary duty of care being, caring for the client, which helps them live as comfortably as possible.

Some of the reasons you or a loved one may want to know more or need Palliative care services in your own home could be 

  • Terminal illness
  • Last stage Dementia
  • Motor neurone disease or
  • Multiple sclerosis

Ultimately, the types of Palliative care services available which you or a loved one may require careful consideration and discussion.

To help you through this difficult time and get some clarity of what courses of action you can take, we offer a free consultation service which you can use by calling us on: 02 4975 5673 or email us

Once we know what you or your loved ones specific circumstances and needs are, you will be able to discuss it with your family or support network and make an informed decision from there. For discreet, professional and qualified Palliative care in your own home, call us today for a confidential consultation.