Dedicated Carers is a government approved provider with provider number 7028.

It is a pleasure to write a reference for this service and it’s Manager Lyn Leyshon and her staff, whom we have employed to help care for us, now that we have become patients ourselves.

We received a copy of their philosophy of care about 12 months ago and were most impressed with their ideals.

We have had many years in our general Practice and involvement with Nursing homes and Church retired Friends Club so we feel qualified to assess this service, and grateful to have found it.

Lyn and her staff have followed this caring philosophy to the letter. Any job or task is always done willingly and thoroughly, with the result that patient and carer are happy.

Lyn always tries to match her staff to the client (something rarely done by some of the other services); also she liaises with her staff and checks with them and the client so that everyone is content.

Medical colleagues of ours have been impressed as we have with the quality of her inhome nursing services.

They certainly live up to their name ‘Dedicated Carers’

W.J. Charlton & Jean Charlton

MB.BS (retired) and (Practice Manager & RN, retired)

I have known Lyn Leyshon for 3 years. Lyn was employed by me to assist in the care of my husband, a retired GP, who sadly had advanced Parkinson’s disease and Cancer. I cannot speak highly enough of the care that Lyn gave to, not only Bill, but also to me and my whole family.

Lyn has had many years of experience I aged care nursing and this showed in the wonderful care and the great skill and dedication she afforded to my husband. Lyn is very innovative – no problem seemed to be beyond her.

Lyn is ethical, honest reliable and very professional and a practicing Christian person, who very often came with home cooked meal for us.

As well as nursing duties Lyn took us to swimming pools enabling us to exercise by doing laps. Any outing or task was always undertaken willingly and happily, so Bill enjoyed a very good quality of life in spite of his ailments.

Over the years our medical friends have seen Lyn in action and have been greatly impressed and hope that Lyn will be available when in need themselves.

I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Lyn and would be glad to confirm this by telephone.

Jean Charlton

(Practice Manager, RN. Ret’d)

I am writing to you to thank you for all that you did for Ailsie, my family and I in the last weeks of Nan’s life.

Having never been through anything like that before it was a whole new experience for me. It was extremely emotional as I felt many emotions I certainly didn’t expect and had to make many decisions a person should never have to make.

From the initial set up of the physical needs of home care right through to the last days with words of comfort you were there, providing advice on administrative issues, practical help to make Nan more comfortable and a shoulder to cry on.

I can’t stress how much I appreciate the professionalism and care you and your team provided, I know because Nan told me how much she loved being at home with us at this time in her life and I know it was only possible because of the “Dedicated Carers” that you are.

Thank you

Michelle Hill and Family

It is a pleasure to provide a reference for the above, whom I have seen a lot of recently while she was caring for one of my oldest friends Dr Bill Charlton during his long three years of illness – initially Parkinson’s disease and later a malignancy to which he succumbed.

Lyn has had over 15 years of nursing experience and is therefore able to cope with virtually any of the clinical situations usually encountered with skill – and good humour –, which is most reassuring to her patients.

I know that the families she has cared for in the home nursing situation are extremely grateful to her – and certainly recommend her very highly.

Home nursing care does require special extra skills, which are not often taught in ordinary nursing – and Lyn’s long experience in this field makes her uniquely able to provide optimal care to her clients and their families.

Apart from her nursing skills she is extremely versatile and is able to copy with virtually any of the special challenges, which do arise in the home nursing situation –nothing is a trouble –, and she always goes the extra mile when required.

I have no hesitation in recommending her to any prospective employer-or to any family who faces the problem of getting high quality home nursing care for a family member.

(Conjoint) Professor Alan D. Hewson

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